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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 22, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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and bart officers are making arrests. let's take you to live pictures now. our nbc helicopter is above the scene. very similar to what we saw this time last week. live shots right now at the civic center station in san francisco where all of this is happening. bart is not stopping its trains at the platform now. you remember the protests started with issues of excessive police force earlier in the summer, and now has turned to a fight over freedom of speech because of bart's decision to block out cell phone towers inside of their stations. but here and now, there are protests and closures. you see the heavy force of the san francisco police department on the streets right now. let's bring in nbc bay area's tracy grant who joins us from the civic center, and tracy, all i can say, it's deja vu. it's very similar to what we saw last week. what's happening now, the protestors moving up the street? >> yes, they are. civic center station is closed, as well as powell station is now
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closed. i want to show you some of this video we shot on the bart platform. this is some of the protestors who gathered on the platform just a short time ago. last we heard there was four arrests by bart police. these protestors, when they go past the fair gates, bart has stressed repeatedly that means they are breaking the law. and it appears that is what these arrests have been made for. we know that muni is not stopping at civic center station, either. the powell-mason and powell-hyde cable car lines are being provided by bus, and honestly, there are people who are showing up here to try to get home, and they're learning that the station is closed. some of the commuters are finally getting to have their say with the protestors. >> you already know my point of view, so don't ask me any more questions, because really, i think it's stupid what you guys are saying and what you're doing. >> you are not listening.
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>> don't use bart. don't use bart if you guys don't like the police here or the policies here, the procedures here. don't use bart. >> bart has said all along that if the laws are broken and people go past the designated free speech area, then that means they could get arrested. people have been getting arrested almost from the moment this started. >> be aware of some alternatives tonight in case there is a disruption. maybe it's just one station, maybe it's systemwide. >> any disruption is too many for some bart passengers no matter what the reason. william griggs is headed home hours before his normal commute time. >> it's not fair. there is a proper way to demonstrate. go to the board, talk to them. but don't inconvenience the public. >> griggs is talking about the protestors who are expected to show up at bart civic center station tonight. he had to find another way home
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tonight after a shooting that shut down the civic center station on july 11. now an anonymous person asked protestors to sign up for the second day in a row. they are angry the transit agency shut down cell phone service as a way to head off another demonstration that was planned for august 11 but never materialized. the decision sparked an international controversy over civil rights. the transit union has also criticized that but for a different reason. they say they were not informed of the plan. >> if you have people on a train and they don't know their cell phones are not going to work, it's not so much for our youth but to be able to inform the public what's going on. >> bob franklin said he doubts the transit agency would attempt to shut down cell phone service again. he said protestors are now familiar with the practice and have probably already gotten access to technology that could help them get around it.
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but he says it's not completely off the table. >> it's a tool bart police have if they feel there is an imminent danger to our passengers. that's what this is all about. we must protect our passengers. that's our top mission. >> reporter: now, if you're at work watching tv or you're at home trying to plan a way to get somewhere on bart, what you really need to do is call 511 or use so you can plan alternate routes. some people who are showing up here to try to get home and finding out the station is closed seem very upset as they're trying to walk to another station, and the next station is closed, too. live in san francisco, tracy grant, nbc bay area news. >> difficult situation to be in. thanks, tracy. no one wins when fans get hurt. not the teams, not the players and certainly not the game. that's why the san francisco 49ers are teaming up with ed lee and police to find fans that
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march marred the violence in the game against the giants. jody, i understand more security measures will be implemented? >> reporter: that's right. police and the 49ers say they are determined not to let things get out of hand here again. the ceo and president of the 49ers says he doesn't think his team should play the raiders at least until they can get a handle on fans' bad behavior. >> those people were so drunk on gurneys, throwing cigarettes from the balcony, throwing bottles. it was really bad. >> reporter: raiders fans say the violence and mayhem they witnessed at candlestick park on sunday is something they will never forget. >> we thought let's hurry up and get out of here until we're involved in something. we're raider fans, but it was crazy all the way around. it was both sides going at it. it was terrible. >> the brawls, many of them caught on cell phone cameras, left two people with gunshot
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wounds and one person badly beaten. >> in my 19 years of doing this, never -- and i'll repeat -- never have i had to deal with the amount of calls for service, the amount of fights, the amount of behavior that is just absolutely not accepted at our stadium, or, quite frankly, any sporting event across the country and it won't be tolerated. >> reporter: the head of security and the california police chief say they've never seen anything like it, either. they're planning big changes to make sure it won't happen again. fans can expect things like dui checks after the game and a crackdown on irresponsible season ticket holders. >> any of our season ticket holders who were caught, viewed, witnessed, whatever, the way they behaved saturday night, kwour ticke your tickets will be revoked, period. >> ceo judd york says he's so
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fed up he's recommending the annual pre-season game between the raiders and the 49ers be halted. >> it's our belief that we should recommend to the nfl that this game is at least postponed for some period of time. and we're going to continue to work with the nfl, we're going to continue to work with the raiders to make sure we have the right decision. >> fans like gilchrist and shendoni think they may be going too far. but they agree changes are needed and fast. >> they need to do something about it. they really do. they're in charge of an organization, they really need to have more control over it. they generate a lot of money, and they got to be willing to step up and get better security. >> reporter: and the organization again says that is coming. now, police also tell us that they will be closely reviewing all that surveillance tape and they will be trying to identify
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those who were involved in the mayhem. they say those folks will be arrested and prosecuted. at candlestick park, i'm jody hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> as you heard jody touch upon, the 49ers unveiled new steps that the team will take to ensure that candlestick is safer. among those changes, there will now be dui checkpoints as people leave the stadium, more patrols in the park, foot and more patrols will be added, brighter lights in the parking lot and you will no longer be allowed to clinic alcohol as you wait to get in to tailgate. two months after the city invested $10 million in a brand new system have complaints. the rumblings in complaints and breakdowns have been circulating among first responders and today the city answered those claims. the city said it's allowed up to 120 days to work out the
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glitches and this is just day 78. still, the problem was so bad the city manager gave the radio company an ultimatum. get the critical problems fixed in two weeks. problem? that window closed on friday. the city said while structural issues related to radio performance have largely been resolved, a number of additional findings still need to be addressed, which is little comfort to police on the streets. he sobbed in federal court today as he pled not guilty which could send him to prison for life. norman welsh is accused of stealing drugs from petty officers and running a prostitution ring. welsh was arrested in february and was later turned over to the federal prosecutors. he cried as his father pledged to put up his bond, but first welsh is to be evaluated by a psychologist to evaluate whether he's suicidal.
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welsh's co-defendant is a previous police officer. he went to court on friday, pleading guilty as well. tonight the search is on for a person who shot a sea lion. a 300-pound sea lion named king at the present tune is recovering. he was found on wednesday. he had been shot in the back with some sort of high-caliber weapon. he is currently on antibiotics. vets are cautiously optimistic about his recovery. well, apps to predict earthquakes and help you make money. we're joined now with the news and the numbers. both very interesting, earthquakes and making money. we want to know about those. >> yeah, jessica, they're on everyone's mind these days, especially making money, largely because of the stock market. after four weeks of losses, this week started on an up note. gold now up again, now testing $19 an ounce.
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people invest in tech companies because of innovation. how about this? a new feature on apple iphones to predict earthquakes. it's part of the iphone operating system in japan. for now it sends you instant messages from japan's earthquake early warning system. which leads us to a silicon valley start-up shaking the way you find a job. all you need is a smartphone and a desire to walk. all right, so you're back in school faced with increased tuition payments, books, dates, all reasons to make a little extra cash. fortunately, there is an app for that, too. this is gigwalk, a start-up in a silicon valley garage, that lets your phone do the job hunting. >> a lot of college students these days are going back to school and they're armed with iphones as well as androids. they're asking themselves the very common question of how die earn a couple bucks? >> this is one way. no resume required.
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gigwalk blends social technology with social networking to make money, everything from running an errand to taking a photo. >> you can come in, make an app, start building a reputation for yourself, and within a couple hours, you could actually be earning 40 to 50 or 60 bucks a week. >> with gigwalk, when you finish a gig, you send photographic evidence with your smartphone. and thanks to gps, the client knows you are on the job. >> if you're doing quality work, they're going to enforce that for you and give you a higher reputation, which is going to unlock higher-paying gigs as well as more gigs. >> more gigs, more money. at your own pace, with your own phone. >> gigwalk is just a few months old. it makes money by taking a percentage of each business transaction among its founders -- or i should say among its funders, the founder
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of linkedin. back to you. still to come here at 6:00, keeping neighborhood businesses going in tough times. how the fight over statewide development agencies is playing out in one south bay community. also, school hasn't even started yet, but a lot of students are already feeling the cuts. why california college students are bracing for another round of fees. and seeing art in a whole new light. how one woman is on a mission to bring art to the public. and good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff pineary. we'll let you know how far that fog is going to be spreading inland. on the mild side in san jose at 77. we'll tell you about some 90-degree temperatures coming back. we continue to follow our breaking news out of san francisco. the bart protests are once again causing commuting headaches for thousands of people coming in and out of the city. this is video last hour.
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the last hour and a half, the protests have been happening. the civic center station in san francisco remains shut down. the powell street bart station has just reopened. if you're coming in and out of the city at those two spots, you want to keep it tuned here becay because it will affect your commute. we're back inou a moment.
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three men, including a father and son, are behind bars in a gang-related cold case murder that happened seven years ago in mountain view. 27-year-old anthony figueroa and his father, arthur, were arrested in connection with a drive-by shooting. anthony was driving the car that night and he is charged with murder. his father is accused of lying tie grand jury which was investigating the case.
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27-year-old giovanni duarte is another one that was in the car. a redwood city's investment in a smoke alarm saved her life this morning. the sound of the alarm woke her up around 5:30, and that's when she found flames in her garage. investigators say she grabbed her dog, her cell phone and called 911 as she ran out of the two-story house. the fire department said the house was badly damaged and there's still no word what sparked it. the long-time war activists who owned one of the most noted hillsides in the bay area has passed away. louise clark lost her long battle with lymphoma saturday night. she was 86 years old. the hillside bears about 9,000 crosses with memories of u.s. soldiers killed overseas. clark began in 2006 to honor the troops killed in iraq and afghanistan. clark wanted the crosses to stay up until the soldiers came home.
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the property is now in the hands of her heir serks. volunteers hope there is an official memorial for those fallen soldiers like the vietnam memorial in washington, d.c. you heard it too many times before, higher fees at public colleges. as cu students head back to college, they are bracing for more reductions in state funding. the cu system already lost 650 million in the state budget and the college system lost 400 million. both systems could lose up to $100 million more if state revenues fall below production, triggering education cuts. it results in fewer courses, larger classes, and, yes, increased fees again. the new bay area art installation is giving new meaning to the term bottle shock. it involves everyday bottles taking on a whole new light. you'll now see the artist at the center of this glass house.
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>> i think i'm going to go for clear. >> reporter: as mildred harris pored over the final details over her final art installation, she couldn't help feeling a little blue. in front of her was the house she had created from 97,000 empty bottles. but still, clearly a work in progress. >> why did i just think the blue would work. it didn't work. >> reporter: though the color scheme is still open to some tweaking, howard was still pleased with her color of choice. >> you will see probably the outside of this and you'll see through, and you'll see the imperfections in the glass. it's gorgeous. >> reporter: for years the bay area artist filled the world with glass houses, every material transformed into sparkling art. while most wouldn't think twice about an empty bottle, howard fills them with meaning. >> bottles are put back down to
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keep bad spirits away, so you see them lining around gardens. >> reporter: her latest creation opposites in the plaza of palo alto city hall. the palo alto art center commissioned the public installation while its own building undergoes remodeling. >> you can walk outside and inside, you can actually touch the work. this is really about bringing art to the community. >> reporter: howard prefers transparency in her art. visitors can see in, visitors can see out. >> it's about explaining something that everyday people who may not go to the museums or go to them on occasion can have beauty right there with them. >> reporter: the house of bottles will officially open september 10 and will be open to the public for the next year. and while some may ponder the thousands of empty bottles, others will surely see them as much more than half full. joe rozano, jr., nbc bay area
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news. >> what a fabulous concept. >> remember our friend jessica, a very talented professional? she's back from vacation. >> i was in wizard world in orlando. >> i don't know how we can compete with that, but welcome back. >> thank you. >> we definitely have some warmer weather to welcome jessica back today. 77 in san jose, 87 in livermore. temperatures cool and there was a lot of fog this morning. however, by about 1:00, the sun did come out for several hours and it was a real enjoyable afternoon. but just like clockwork this time of year, the fog was starting to roll right back intoal into al al ka traz. we're starting to see the numbers drop. san mateo, 73. we're still holding onto some warmth in livermore.
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it's very extensive fog about 200 feet onshore, so we will definitely have the fog on the coastline and also for the peninsula. however, the clouds inland do not look as widespread. that's because we had this region of hot, high pressure that's going to be building in tomorrow for, yes, some weather that's finally going to feel like august and summer with possibly a few 90s coming our way. real quickly, tomorrow starting off in the mid to upper 50s, and as we head throughout the 11:00 hour tomorrow, 77 in livermore, you guys. we're going to let you know if there's any triple-digit heat coming up. >> triple digits. we don't say that too often around here too much. there is a change in the way you communicate and it could change how you pay for texting. a real life rescue out of a hollywood movie. an t arethe scue ct como tthe of the billionaire next door.
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it is a multi-billion-dollar
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industry, texting, and many of them sending them getting smarter, too. many of them texting without spending a cent. >> reporter: you text, you pay. that's how it works for most of us and it's worth $23 billion to the phone companies that provide text messaging, but savvy texters are increasingly find ag way not to pay. >> it's quick and easy. >> reporter: free texting is quickly taking off and one of the top companies is go-g, a company in del ray. the text is free to both users. the company makes money through advertisements. text-plus has been downloaded by 20 million people since it started in 2009. >> we knew we were going after messaging. it's been a 20-year-old medium but there's been no innovation. >> it includes the green room,
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and every text plus user gets their own phone number which allows them to text those who don't have the app. many who upgrade to the smartphone seem eager to give it a try. >> you don't have to pay it, so it's more money efficient. >> would you ever get rid of your own phone texting for an app that does free texting? >> of course. >> the phone companies haven't commented to their new competitors, but even the folks at text plus don't think they'll be knocking out verizon and at&t any time soon. >> i don't see it going away, i just see it as more choices. >> anything with texting, of course, everyone's ears perk up. next at 6:00, too young to be tasting. the north bay rywineries under fire for underage drinking. when it pays to be delayed. the new rights coming to you the next time you fly.
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>> reporter: i'm in san jose with a colfight for rl ed fight for redevelopment agency dollars between the city and the state.
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i want to take you back to our breaking news. as we've been telling you all evening, it's been rough for commuters of bart as they again shut down. traci grant is still down at civic center plaza. >> reporter: take a look at this right over my shoulder. there is a bart worker in a yellow jacket. he's actually telling people they can't come downstairs to civic center station, which is unusual, because bart reported that civic center station, as well as powell street station, are actually back open. so we're not exactly sure what's going on. but if you intend to come to civic center station to get on a train, it's probably best if you go somewhere else. i want you to take a look at some of this video.
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take a look at these protestors. they were walking down the street after they got pushed away from civic center station. we were told that four people were arrested. protestors had gathered on the platform at the bart station and then they were escorted back up to the street. powell street station was closed shortly after that. powell and mason and powell and hyde, the cable car services there, were being provided by bus service instead. now, we're being told now that things are starting to calm down to some extent at least here where we are, at civic center station, because no one has yet been able to use the station since shortly after 5:00. now, we're not sure exactly where the protest is going to go from here. some people said the protestors were headed toward the embarcadero, but we still have no idea what their plans are for now. live in san francisco, traci
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grant, nbc bay area news. >> once again, problems at the civic center station, powell street station for bart and word of about 80 protestors marching down the street. money for cities like san jose used on local economic projects could be redirected to sacramento if the state supreme court allows governor brown to have his way. let's bring in nbc bay area's kris sanchez live from one of the bay area's business districts who may be one of the last to benefit from the city's local dollars. is that right, kris? >> you probably heard of willow glen. if you heard of that community. this is its counterpart on the other side of highway 87, and up and down this street you will see colorful signs tout tg as a
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business district. those signs may be the last thing the city paid for before they got tied up in the legal tug-of-war. these are the new signs popping up around the half-mile stretch of willow avenue a mile from san jose. this is the state's attempts to claim the funds that are used for projects like this one through their redevelopment agencies. the management director of the redevelopment agency says investing in it is more than just about looks. >> they generate more sales tax, and they also are critical to neighborhood development. a good quality neighborhood to live in has adequate retail and neighborhood serving businesses. >> congressman sam lacarto who represents this district says it means losing sales taxes down the road. >> we're losing about $8 million a year of sales tax revenue as
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soon as residents choose other shopping, so we need to do what we can to encourage folks, stay close to home to shop. >> agencies are now in legal limbo. governor jerry brown wants to abolish the agencies and use the money to backfill schools. they want a plan to pay to keep the redevelopment funds at the local level. that's what police chief bill wetzel is counting on. >> you don't necessarily want to jump up on that box and say, hey, where is our money? but business here has been hurting and this will bring people back. >> reporter: now, the legislature's plan by which local governments can pay millions of dollars to keep their redevelopment agencies intact and keep their dollars local, that was one proposition that was set out by the legislature. the first installment of those payments would be due by january
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15. the stream court is expected to decide the issue before then. in san jose, nbc bay area. >> thank you, kris. one prominent psychiatrist accused of child molestation is going to a state mental hospital perhaps for the rest of his life. william ayres, former head of child psychiatry, was tried in 2009 for molesting several of his young patients. that case of him allegedly molesting those young patients ended with a hung jury. they want to retry the doctor, but now did ementia and memory s means he cannot be involved in a hearing. a winery sting exposed four california wineries serving minors in their tasting rooms.
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they busted four wineries over the weekend. the wineries were cited. they will also be deferred to the association for winery control. the situation is still a big mess. we've been reporting on the $150 wildfire char that they put in the budget later determined to be illegal. they have proved a maximum $90 manual fire fee in so-called extreme fire zones. living in less risky forestry areas would pay $70. it leaves them well short of the money they need to fight woodland fires. they are trying to block those fees from taking effect at all. new airline rules take effect tomorrow that could translate to fewer delays on the tarmac, fewer passengers bumped from flights, and essentially fewer headaches. the consumer protection rules fined airlines up to $27,000 for
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leaving an international flight on the runway for more than four hours. passengers bumped off an oversold flight will now get double the price of their ticket. or if they're significantly delayed, up to four times the price of their ticket. the rules also require airlines to be more transparent when it comes to those extra fees for bags, airline food and cancelling reservations. the hunt is on in libya tonight for embattled dictator muammar gadhafi. one of gadhafi'ssons say the entire family is in libya and they have no intention of turning over control. president obama is urging him to give up power to prevent more bloodshed in that country. if you may remember, the president was firm in his decision not to send ground troops into libya. some experts now say the plan of limited involvement should be applauded while others say it
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could backfire when new leadership in libya finally emerges. >> i actually think he's going to get enormous credit for having negotiated a position that was supported by the entire arab world, the entire international community. >> we don't know, we still don't know to this day who the libyan rebels really are. we've taken a leap of faith. >> rebels say they're in the prot process of setting up a transitional government and hosting two governmental elections in the next year is their plan. libyans have also spent the last six months feuding over those decisions. a learning kufcurve he neve imagined. a bay area racer is headed home this weekend. hear how he traded academics for the fast lane. they share the fondest memories and what they missed most about life in those space suits. i'm chief meteorologist jeff
6:38 pm
ranieri. some fog rolling in on this magnificent view here in oakland. it did hit 77 degrees today. some 90-degree temperatures and also the latest on hurricane ireer
6:39 pm
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it was a scene straight out of a hollywood movie. kate winslet on branson's private island. she was the only one staying there when a fire broke out from hurricane irene. branson's son helped get people out of the house, but it was winslet who carried her 90-year-old mother out of the house. no one was hurt, but the mansion, a complete loss. it's a bittersweet farewell and also a thank you to the nasa main center in mountain view. the space program is over as we
6:41 pm
know it. here is n brks krrbc bay area m nohoyt. >> reporter: his voice had a sound of finality. >> a place like no other, the space shuttle pulls into port for the last time. >> reporter: the crew of atlantis was warmly achieved by workers at nasa ames. they were treated to a film not only about the mission but the entire space program. >> we really wanted to make it about them and to honor them. we were lucky enough to launch on time, land on time and not have any major problems so the focus didn't go away from those folks during the mission, and, you know, we hope we accomplished that. >> a lot of people have devoted their lives to this program, and it's very important we come back and say thanks for the incredible effort over the entire program. >> reporter: they were asked about being the only astronauts to fly the shuttle.
6:42 pm
>> there's no question there is a little bit of beauty over the space shuttle. >> we'll get through this. we'll see what comes next. >> for the people lucky enough to see it launch, it's the most impressive sight you can see. people are just proud to be part of this country that can do something so incredible, just lift this huge vehicle and swing it off into space. it's going to be hard to say goodbye to that. >> reporter: pilot doug hurley isn't ready to give up space just yet. ten years from now? >> that's a good question. maybe another space flight. i'm young enough. i'm only 44 so i could probably do one more. >> nbc bay area news. >> such a long history to the space shuttle program right in the silicon valley in nasa ames in mountain view. jeff ranieri, happy monday to you. >> back together, reunited and it feels so good. >> i can't believe it's really jessica. if i was sitting closer to you,
6:43 pm
i would give you a big hug. >> i'll hold you to that. don't worry. >> here we have the fog building up on the coastline. we'll talk more about some hotter temperatures coming our way. that will mean some 90s for your tuesday. >> of course, i haven't seen jeff in a while and i don't get a hug, but we have more coming up on the biggest story of the day and how the players are affected. find out which 49er was so board -- bothered by the hthatshe vn he would bring his family to games in the future. that's next q isports.
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danica patrick and the others are heading out for the big race. he traded in academics for a racecar. here's nbc bay area's lauren scott. >> reporter: when the indy race cars pull into sonoma, keep an eye out for number 84. he learned how to race on this very same course. >> for me i don't even get back to the bay area that frequently anymore, so just getting off a plane at sfo and smell the pete's coffee right there out of
6:46 pm
the gate is definitely cool for me. >> reporter: and j.r. hildebrand loves being home knowing each of the twist and see turns. >> it's just a comfort level that you have at a home track. i can stay in my own bed and all that stuff when i race here, so it's a really neat track, it's an awesome event. you always have good weather, it's a good time of year and should be all that more sort of exciting this time around. >> he's got to get around that last lap. >> oh, no! >> he hit the wall! >> reporter: it has been a very event ful 2011 for you. we all watched the indianapolis 500. what do you think about what happened in indy? >> in the end, there are things i could have done differently, little things to tweak what happened the last lap or so, but indianapolis is a race that you
6:47 pm
got to go big or go home. and looking back at what happened and the decision-making process that i kind of made in the last couple of corners, you know, it's the decision i would make again if it happened all over again. >> reporter: and if his graciousness andhumility grab you, here's another reason to pay attention to j.r. hildebrand. he is one of the smartest drivers, getting over a 4.gpa and a college education which he put on hold to race. >> racing was going to be a lot more fun than sitting in a classroom taking chemistry classes and so forth. on the other side of that, with any sport, really, racing being at the forefront of this, i think, because it's sort of money driven and all that kind of stuff as well, that you got one shot at riding the momentum train to the top.
6:48 pm
for me it was pretty obvious. >> reporter: lauren scott, nbc bay area sports. >> they will all be in town this week. he is the smartest racecar driver out there. >> we've got the smartest meteorologist, so things even out like that. >> i like that. and the most beautiful anchor here in the bay area. jessica. it's like mutual admiration. >> i should leave more often. i should just go away. >> let's go ahead and give you those numbers today. i love the temperatures outside today. close to 90 degrees there in livermore, 77 in san jose, 84 in los gatos, 75 in redwood city, and san francisco, temperatures in the mid-60s. if you like what we had today, i think you'll love what we have tomorrow. we're going to turn it up for you. 83 in livermore, 73 in san jose, cooling up to 79 in san mateo with the onshore winds coming back for the coastline.
6:49 pm
finally some inland warmth returning. hurricane irene is definitely gaining strength by all accounts. this is a big storm to watch. satellite does have some cloud cover and cooler air off to the north. we're not going to see any of that. we have high pressure moving across california. it will keep it warm here across the bay area for tuesday, with, yes, a few 90s inland, a lot of 80s too. it will be short-lived, though. by tuesday we'll see cooling breezes coming back. tomorrow we'll start going down. as of tomorrow morning, we'll start with a fog here on the coastline and the peninsula, but not too much for low cloud cover for the east and the south bay. you'll start off mainly clear there. then as we head to 11:00 a.m., it all starts to push back. we have a sunny day and warm to hot here for some of our inland spots. hurricane irene across the caribbean, gaining strength, right now a category 2 now. very, very close to miami as a category 3. running parallel to the
6:50 pm
coastline in florida. looks like it could make landfall here in south carolina sometime saturday morning as a category 3, possibly a category 2 storm, but a slight deviation in the storm track. it could also be a georgia landfall, even a florida landfall as that center line there of the storm track definitely can shift quite a bit. so all eyes will be on that. and, of course, you can always get more at the weather channel on cable, our sister network. for tomorrow, 91 in evergreen, 91 in dublin and warming up to 86 in redwood city and half moon bay. 91 in concord, 84 in napa. for much of the north bay, we'll be in the mid to upper 70s. we have that warm to hot weather for us tomorrow, then cooling winds come back for wednesday, thursday and friday. temperatures go down a little bit but it's still going to stay very warm to comfortable. and raj, if this makes you feel
6:51 pm
any better, i missed you over the weekend, too. >> you guys were just going at it. >> i missed the bay area weather. i was in florida. humid, raining and very, very hot. >> she should have given us reports on hurricane irene. >> i know. i should have called. >> let's get to sports. we bring in jim cozemore. there is such facets for it with the 49ers, and it's not just bait area, it's countrywide here. >> actually worldwide when you look at the big picture. it's very sad when in the sports segment we don't get to talk too much about sports. as we told you earlier, 49er bay area president said he will recommend to the nfl that the pre-season game between the 49ers and the raiders should be
6:52 pm
postponed for some time. >> so what do we do? we have to go down to santa clara. let's bring in somebody who can help us and help us figure out what went on with the player side of this. we have john henry smith. john, what do you have? >> reporter: well, jim, when i got to the 49ers camp today, i was sure of two things. number one, i would be asking the players about the fan violence this past weekend, and second, that the responses i would get would be something along the lines of, well, we're focused on what's going on on the field, not so much what's going on in the stands. on that last point, i could not have been more wrong. not only were the players very aware what went on, they were very, very concerned. >> the violence we saw in the game, all the fighting and the shooting after the game, that makes me sick. you know, they got to do whatever they got to do to make us feel safe and bring families to the game, and that's just unacceptable. >> it is something that definitely weighs on my mind. it's probably the biggest thing i think about other than
6:53 pm
blocking a three technique on a sunday. so, yeah. it does weigh on players' minds, definitely. >> when it happens like this in nfl is terrible. people can't bring their families to a game without seeing a fight inside the stands or someone shooting outside. we know this is going to happen every time we get together, this game is not going to end up being televised. >> reporter: well, to that point, it sounds like this game might not be televised because it might not happen. to the idea that the raiders-49ers pre-season series might be postponed for a while, the players universally said something to the effect of, well, it's unfortunate it has to come to that, but if it's going to make everyone safe, so be it. from the 49ers camp, i'm john henry smith, bay area. >> all right, john henry, thank
6:54 pm
you very much. they picked terrell pry or in the third round. he ended the buckeyes after memorabilia cash scandal broke at the big 10 school. one thing we can leave you with on a good note. the giants and the a's, they both have the day off. but good news for the g-men. they are one game off from the national west. they finish the home stand against division-leading arizona. how about that, guys, a little positive in our sports. >> nice to end on an up note. >> this is when the baseball season gets really fun. thank you, for full coverage o you can watch us at raiders.
6:55 pm
>> we'll be back in a minute.
6:56 pm
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waz as we leave you, we want to update you on the news. bart has closed again the civic center station. the protestors have flared up again. they have unfurled banners and refused to chant. not widespread disruptions for evening commuters, but those two stations, powell and civic center, remain closed. >> there are still about 50 to 80 protestors marching down market street. we'll continue to follow the street not only at 11:00 but
6:58 pm
we'll continue to follow the street not only at 11:00 but also on our
6:59 pm
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